Fundamental principles and objectives of Renaissance Artists and Writers Association (RAWA)

RAWA has been established for genuine artists and writers to inspire the society. It proclaims that all genuine artists and writers should unite and expand the consciousness of the public and move the society forward through their sympathetic endeavours.

The word 'renaissance' has not been used merely in the sense of revival of learning but in a wider context. A true renaissance is a renaissance in all fields, in all spheres of life: physical, mental, and spiritual. A spiritual renaissance without a renaissance in the mental and physical worlds would be one-sided and would retard the development of the physical and intellectual side of life. Spiritual development still requires the proper development of intellect and the provision of the physical necessities of life.

RAWA provides an outlet for our artists and writers to realize their innate spiritual potentialities. The supreme trait in art or literature is its spiritualizing quality. Whether art or literature is discursive, imitative, mechanical, organic, conceptual, anti-conceptual, representative or non-representative in nature, the touchstone of great works of art and literature resolves the psychic crisis of a particular civilization, nation or the whole world through its aesthetic creed.

In the world of today, we find the artist and writer driven more and more into isolation from the society. In the commercialized society, the mechanization of life has almost submerged the individual's talent. With the passing of the patronage of art and literatur into the hands of the business classes, the standards of artistic and literary excellence have come down. A commercialized society demands commercialized entertainments, and this has led to a degeneration and decadence of art and literature.

RAWA has the following objectives:

1) To promote the ideal of "service and blessedness" in art and writing. When one's motives of expression are directed towards the upliftment of society, there is, in return, a sense of fulfillment in the person that cannot be equaled by any level of meaningless creation. That sense of fulfillment is termed here as 'blessedness', and the sense of selflessness is termed here 'service'. RAWA rejects the idea of “art for art's sake”.

2) To improve the psycho-spiritual development of society through art and literature.

3) To suggest solutions to the outstanding problems of human society through art and literature.

4) To inculcate the ethical and spiritual values of life in the human society.

5) To create a proper psychological environment for the establishment of universalism by staging a powerful crusade against all sectarianisms.

6) To arrest the trend of excessive commercialization of modern art and literature, and to create a healthy trend of utilizing both art and literature for the growth and evolution of human civilization.

7) To create a strong moral movement through art and literature against all sorts of immoral forces responsible for the degradation of modern society.

8) To provide encouragement and opportunity to the new generation of artists and writers by creating a powerful artistic and literary movement based on the higher values of life.

9) To attend to the various social, political, and economic handicaps confronting talented artists and writers.

10) To inculcate a positive philosophy of life in the society, which is presently haunted by a negative and pessimistic outlook.

Structure of RAWA